Ashley and Luke at Beacon Hill

Wedding Venue and Cater: Beacon Hill

Makeup: Shasta Hankins

Hair: Becky Harwood

Wedding Dress: Celestial Selections

Tux: Men’s Warehouse

Flowers: Caravan Floral

Desserts: Sweet Frostings

DJ and photo booth: Complete Music

Rentals: Event Rents

Photographer: Ifong Chen

We’d like to thank all of our family and friends who helped make our wedding day even more special than we had ever imagined. No matter how long or how much you prepare for a day like this you can never prepare yourself for the emotions and intense amount of love and support you feel from everyone. We are forever thankful for everyone who traveled near and far to celebrate with us!

Ashley_b01 Ashley_b02 Ashley_b03 Ashley_b04 Ashley_b05 Ashley_b06 Ashley_b07 Ashley_b08 Ashley_b09 Ashley_b10 Ashley_b11 Ashley_b12 Ashley_b13 Ashley_b14 Ashley_b15 Ashley_b16 Ashley_b17 Ashley_b18 Ashley_b19 Ashley_b20 Ashley_b21 Ashley_b22 Ashley_b23 Ashley_b24 Ashley_b25 Ashley_b26 Ashley_b27 Ashley_b28 Ashley_b29 Ashley_b30 Ashley_b31 Ashley_b32 Ashley_b33 Ashley_b34 Ashley_b35 Ashley_b36 Ashley_b37 Ashley_b38 Ashley_b39 Ashley_b40 Ashley_b41 Ashley_b42 Ashley_b43 Ashley_b44 Ashley_b45 Ashley_b46 Ashley_b47 Ashley_b48 Ashley_b49 Ashley_b50 Ashley_b51 Ashley_b52 Ashley_b53 Ashley_b54 Ashley_b55 Ashley_b56 Ashley_b57 Ashley_b58 Ashley_b59 Ashley_b60 Ashley_b61 Ashley_b62 Ashley_b63 Ashley_b64


Amanda & Eric at Arbor Crest Winery

Venue: Arbor Crest Winery
Day of Coordination: Alyssa Sexton
Catering: Beacon Hill
Flowers : Evergreen Florist
Wedding dress: Marcella’s
Tux: Men’s Wearhouse
Dessert: Just America Desserts
D j : Justin, Amped
Videographer: Steven Schneidmiller
Photographer: Ifong Chen
Rentals: Event Rents
Hair: On Broadway Salon, Victoria
Make-up: Shasta Hankins

A special thank you to our parents and family for all of your help to make our wedding dreams come true! This day is truly one to remember and we are forever thankful for your love, support, and encouragement. We love you!

Amanda and Eric’s story began in the summer of 2010. Amanda had just finished her first year of teaching in Deer Park and was enjoying her summer working with kids and spending time with friends at her family’s lake cabin. During her first year of teaching, her principal, Michele, told Amanda about her step son who was a firefighter. Michelle said that her step son was really sweet, but he lived in Yakima, and so Amanda didn’t think much of it. Eric was working in Union Gap as a fireman but made several trips to visit friends and family in Spokane, and over time, he began to pursue a job there.
While Amanda had originally dismissed Michele’s attempts at matchmaking, a short time later, the two met each other online. Amanda was a little bit nervous about going out with her principal’s step son, and she was really hoping that it would go well so things would not get awkward at work!
Fortunately, the two immediately hit it off. After a few weeks of exchanging emails and phone calls, Eric asked Amanda on their first date. Eric took Amanda to one of her favorite restaurants, Twigs, for drinks and appetizers. They talked for hours until the sun set and Eric drove her home. Amanda knew there was something special about Eric. Eric was eager to see Amanda again, and a few days later, he called to make a dinner date at the Wine Cellar in Coeur d’ Alene. Their connection continued to grow, and that night they had their first kiss on the front porch of her apartment.
Amanda and Eric’s relationship continued to grow and they withstood the test of being long-distance for a year. A job opened up in Spokane, and Eric was able to move back to start his career as a Spokane Firefighter. During the next three years, Amanda and Eric’s relationship developed even more through traveling together, having fun, and experiencing new adventures. On trips to San Diego, Florida, Vegas, and Seahawks games, they created lasting memories together. Eric taught Amanda how to water ski and snow ski, he took her camping for the first time, and taught her how to Salmon fish. Through all of these adventures, Amanda learned to trust Eric, and she fell in love. Eric loved how Amanda was so kind, passionate about kids and teaching, and he loved that she was so faithful with her friendships. He thought she was beautiful, both inside and out.
After Amanda and Eric watched the Christmas tree lighting at the Coeur d’ Alene resort last year. Eric got down on one knee and asked Amanda to be his wife. Of course she said “YES!” Eric then took her to dinner at the Wine Cellar where their love story began. Amanda felt like the luckiest girl in the world and now we are happily married!!

Amanda_B01 Amanda_B02 Amanda_B03 Amanda_B04 Amanda_B05 Amanda_B06 Amanda_B07 Amanda_B08 Amanda_B09 Amanda_B10 Amanda_B11 Amanda_B12 Amanda_B13 Amanda_B14 Amanda_B15 Amanda_B16 Amanda_B17 Amanda_B18 Amanda_B19 Amanda_B20 Amanda_B21 Amanda_B22 Amanda_B23 Amanda_B24 Amanda_B25 Amanda_B26 Amanda_B27 Amanda_B28 Amanda_B29 Amanda_B30 Amanda_B31 Amanda_B32 Amanda_B33 Amanda_B34 Amanda_B35 Amanda_B36 Amanda_B37 Amanda_B38 Amanda_B39 Amanda_B40 Amanda_B41 Amanda_B42 Amanda_B43 Amanda_B44 Amanda_B45 Amanda_B46 Amanda_B47 Amanda_B48 Amanda_B49 Amanda_B50 Amanda_B51 Amanda_B52 Amanda_B53 Amanda_B54 Amanda_B55 Amanda_B56 Amanda_B57 Amanda_B58 Amanda_B59 Amanda_B60 Amanda_B61 Amanda_B62 Amanda_B63 Amanda_B64 Amanda_B65 Amanda_B66 Amanda_B67 Amanda_B68 Amanda_B69 Amanda_B70 Amanda_B71 Amanda_B72 Amanda_B73 Amanda_B74 Amanda_B75 Amanda_B76 Amanda_B77 Amanda_B78 Amanda_B79 Amanda_B80 Amanda_B81 Amanda_B82 Amanda_B83 Amanda_B84 Amanda_B85 Amanda_B86 Amanda_B87 Amanda_B88 Amanda_B89

Jane & Joe at Barrister winery, Spokane WA

Our Story
Joe and Jane had met in seventh grade in Spokane, and reconnected under the fireworks many years later. The couple married in their neighborhood park and celebrated royally–complete with a bit of English flair, fedoras and fascinators.  They we’re thrilled to celebrate their wedding surrounded by so many loved ones.
Vendors (I hope I’m not forgetting anybody!)
Ifong Chen Photography!
Beacon Hill Catering
Venue: Barrister Winery
BeauK Florist
Wedding Cake: pastry chef Lynette Pflueger
Amp’d Entertainment DJ Som Jordan
Decoration: Mad Props (Seattle)
Wedding director: Raederle Swanson (Seattle)
Rings: Cheryl Burchell’s Jewelers (Coeur d’Alene)
Beer: NoLi Brewery
Sweets: Mrs Honeypeeps Sweet Shop (Coeur d’Alene)
Guest Buttons: homemade
Groom attire: Anderson and Emami
Groomsmen Fedoras: Banana Republic
Groomsmen ties:
Bridal party fascinators: Olive + Boone Custom Millinery
Getaway car-1947 Ford: Silver Collector Car Auctions
Lemonade stand: homemade
Bridal hair and make-up: Jaazz Salon
Bridesmaids attire:
Bridal gown: storybook bridal (Coeur d’Alene)
Invitations: Papermade Invites
Save The Date artist: Tiffany Patterson
Programs: Aesthetic Journey (Etsy Shop)
All local Spokane vendors unless noted otherwise

Jane_B01 Jane_B02 Jane_B03 Jane_B04 Jane_B05 Jane_B06 Jane_B07 Jane_B08 Jane_B09 Jane_B10 Jane_B11 Jane_B12 Jane_B13 Jane_B14 Jane_B15 Jane_B16 Jane_B17 Jane_B18 Jane_B19 Jane_B20 Jane_B21 Jane_B22 Jane_B23 Jane_B24 Jane_B25 Jane_B26 Jane_B27 Jane_B28 Jane_B29 Jane_B30 Jane_B31 Jane_B32 Jane_B33 Jane_B34 Jane_B35 Jane_B36 Jane_B37 Jane_B38 Jane_B39 Jane_B40 Jane_B41 Jane_B42 Jane_B43 Jane_B44 Jane_B45 Jane_B46 Jane_B47

Kelly & Ben Wedding-St Aloysius Church, Barrister Winery Wedding Spokane, WA

Wedding: St Aloysius Church

Reception: Barrister Winery

Event Planning: Jamie Johnson Event

Cater: Beacon Hill Catering

Make up: Shasta Hankins


Videography: Ferguson Film

Flroist: Amy Page  from Caravan

Rental: Event Rents

Limo: Little Class Limo

The love story:

Ben and Kelly both attended Gonzaga University, but didn’t meet until after they graduated, at a wedding of their mutual friends. A friend introduced them and they danced the night away. At the time, Ben was living in Spokane and Kelly was living in San Diego, but they kept in touch over the next few months. In October 2011, Kelly moved back to Spokane and their romance ignited! The following July, Ben proposed and Kelly, of course, said yes!


IMG_8734 Kelly_B01 Kelly_B02 Kelly_B03 Kelly_B04 Kelly_B05 Kelly_B06 Kelly_B07 Kelly_B08 Kelly_B09 Kelly_B10 Kelly_B11 Kelly_B12 Kelly_B13 Kelly_B14 Kelly_B15 Kelly_B16 Kelly_B17 Kelly_B18 Kelly_B19 Kelly_B20 Kelly_B21 Kelly_B22 Kelly_B23 Kelly_B24 Kelly_B25 Kelly_B26 Kelly_B27 Kelly_B28 Kelly_B29 Kelly_B30 Kelly_B31 Kelly_B32 Kelly_B33 Kelly_B34 Kelly_B35 Kelly_B36 Kelly_B37 Kelly_B38 Kelly_B39 Kelly_B40 Kelly_B41 Kelly_B42 Kelly_B43 Kelly_B44 Kelly_B45 Kelly_B46 Kelly_B47 Kelly_B48 Kelly_B49