Baby Thoren Hezekiah Holmes

So much fun to photograph Amber and Curt’s wedding back to 2010 and now also got to photograph their beautiful baby Thoren!!

Thoren Hezekiah Holmes was born on January 16th at 3:59pm. He was 8 lbs 4 oz and 20 1/4 inches long. He was blessed to have all his grandparents, many cousins and aunts and uncles ready to welcome him into the world. Although he was his Toopie’s 28th great-grandchild, his arrival still brought tears to his eyes, exposing just how precious every life is.

Thoren is a derivative of Thor- meaning thunder. Curt’s love of comics, amber’s Scandinavian descent, along with the baby’s large measurements via ultrasound presented an interesting opportunity for a unique name. Hezekiah was a reformer king of israel (2 chronicles) and was chosen as his middle name.