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July 16, 2012

Spokane Engagement Session-Jessica and Kevin

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Love story from my beautiful bride Jessica!

Kevin and I met about four and half years ago through some mutual friends. This was funny though because we had both been friends with these people for years before this, but did not meet until then. We started to hang out a lot and spend a lot of time together just enjoying each other’s company and doing everything together, we were inseparable. We grew together as a couple over the years enjoying so many things together, such as boating, camping, hunting, drag racing, and snowmobiling; like I said we do everything together because we truly are best friends. Last year Kevin got a job in North Dakota that takes him away for two weeks out of every month, and needless to say it is hard for both of us living without our best friend all the time when you know you have a true partner in this crazy world. So to make things easier Kevin got me our Yorkie who we named Ruger, for our love of shooting and hunting and the outdoors. He is my little piece of Kevin that I get to have with me when he’s gone. Even though it is hard for us to be apart our love grows stronger every day. This April we celebrated our 4 year anniversary, which of course he was gone away working. So when he got back he planned to take me out for a nice dinner, so we went downtown and had an amazing dinner on the river. As we made the journey home to our house on the Little Spokane Kevin proceeded to tell me all the things he did at the house that day and could not wait to show me. So when we got home I put on my galoshes with my short pink strapless dress to trudge down to the river so I could see all of his hard work. We walked around and then as we were just chatting down at the river while the sun was setting Kevin tells me he has a really important question to ask me, and that’s when he got down on one knee and proposed! It was amazing and I was too excited and I threw myself around him and of course said yes! So now we continue on this amazing journey together and are loving every minute of it and our love continues to grow, and we are truly blessed and happy to say they we really are getting to marry our best friend. 


June 5, 2012

Spokane Engagement session-Meghan and Kevin

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I believed I had suffered by laugh way too hard that afternoon with Meghan and Kevin. Meghan! Oh my goodness! What a funny, entertaining, sweet girl! I am sure Kevin’s life is full of adventures with her! Here are few images and a lovely story from our groom to be!

In December 2006, Meghan and I were introduced by a mutual friend.  We hit it off pretty well after a night of chatting and dancing before she headed back to Boston for school.  Three months later Meghan moved back to Spokane and we started dating.  For 4 years Meghan won me over with her smarts, silliness, looks, ambition, sincerity, and genuine smile before I proposed to her.  She excitedly said yes and we will be getting married in September of 2012.  We look forward to starting our new life together in Portland where I just got a job.

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