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July 2, 2014

Jacqueline & Desmond

Wedding: Sacred Heart Parish

Reception: Family home by the river

Hair piece: Finder’s keeper

Dress: Macy’s wedding

Cake: Sweet frosting

Catering: Costa Vida

Spent this Beautiful day with those beautiful two and their wonderful families.

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June 21, 2014

Alex & Tom at Hill’s resort, Priest Lake ID


Wedding: Hill’s Resort

Photography: Ifong Chen Photography

Videography: Sure Shot Video

Amazing Floral design: Caravan Floral Design

Rental: Event Rents

Lighting: Amp’ed Entertainment

Band: Colorblind

Alex and Tom Fitzgerald don’t remember the exact moment of meeting each other at Santa Clara University, it seemed to them both like they had always known the other. Friends from the beginning, they spent a lot of time hanging out and laughing together during college. While life took them in different directions, where many experiences were gained traveling the world and kicking up dust on mountain peaks, and the sidelines of The Denver Broncos; they watched and admired each other from afar, enjoying each other’s company whenever possible.

After many years and plenty of life lessons later, the pair finally had a chance to connect. And boy did sparks fly! With Tom on the East Coast and Alex on the West Coast the pair agreed early in their relationship to meet in the middle, back to Denver, to give their love a go. Since then the two have been inseparable. Together they’ve embraced all of life’s challenges and triumphs, strengthening their love and commitment to each other. It was their shared passion for life and love for each other that propelled them to enjoin their lives together so that they may experience all that life has to offer as one. Alex and Tom now live and flourish in the beautiful city of San Francisco, working hard, and enjoying life.
Alex and Tom were married on June 7, 2014 in Priest Lake, ID surrounded by the love and goodwill of their families and friends.

Alex_B01 Alex_B03 Alex_B04 Alex_B05 Alex_B06 Alex_B07 Alex_B08 Alex_B09 Alex_B10 Alex_B11 Alex_B12 Alex_B13 Alex_B14 Alex_B15 Alex_B16 Alex_B17 Alex_B18 Alex_B19 Alex_B20 Alex_B21 Alex_B22 Alex_B23 Alex_B24 Alex_B25 Alex_B26 Alex_B27 Alex_B28 Alex_B29 Alex_B30 Alex_B31 Alex_B32 Alex_B33 Alex_B34 Alex_B35 Alex_B36 Alex_B37 Alex_B38 Alex_B39 Alex_B40 Alex_B41 Alex_B42 Alex_B43 Alex_B44 Alex_B45 Alex_B46 Alex_B47 Alex_B48 Alex_B49 Alex_B50 Alex_B51 Alex_B52 Alex_B53 Alex_B54 Alex_B55 Alex_B56 Alex_B57 Alex_B58 Alex_B59 Alex_B60 Alex_B61 Alex_B62 Alex_B63 Alex_B64 Alex_B65 Alex_B66 Alex_B67


January 9, 2014

Spokane winter engagement-Katie & Jeremiah

I can’t say I love the ice cold temperature, but I am in love with these two!

Katie_B01 Katie_B02 Katie_B03 Katie_B04 Katie_B05 Katie_B06 Katie_B07 Katie_B08 Katie_B09 Katie_B10 Katie_B11 Katie_B12 Katie_B13 Katie_B14 Katie_B15


September 11, 2013

Sara & John at Arbor Crest Winery

Wedding: Arbor Crest Winery

Catering: Beacon Hilling Catering

Make up: The make up studio

Florist: Evergreen Florist

D.J : Amp’D Music

Sara_B01 Sara_B02 Sara_B03 Sara_B04 Sara_B05 Sara_B06 Sara_B07 Sara_B08 Sara_B09 Sara_B10 Sara_B11 Sara_B12 Sara_B13 Sara_B14 Sara_B15 Sara_B16 Sara_B17 Sara_B18 Sara_B19 Sara_B20 Sara_B21 Sara_B22 Sara_B23 Sara_B24 Sara_B25 Sara_B26 Sara_B27 Sara_B28 Sara_B29 Sara_B30 Sara_B31 Sara_B32 Sara_B33 Sara_B34 Sara_B35 Sara_B36 Sara_B37 Sara_B38 Sara_B39 Sara_B40 Sara_B41 Sara_B42 Sara_B43 Sara_B44 Sara_B45 Sara_B46 Sara_B47 Sara_B48 Sara_B49 Sara_B50 Sara_B51 Sara_B52 Sara_B53 Sara_B54 Sara_B55 Sara_B56 Sara_B57 Sara_B58 Sara_B59 Sara_B60

The story of Sara and John:

John proposed to Sara a mere two weeks before he deployed to Afghanistan. Sara and John kept in contact through love letters, packages, flowers, and Trans-Atlantic phone calls for seven months. John returned to America in April of 2013. He and Sara excitedly anticipated their August wedding and are more in love than ever.

John and Sara met one fateful night at bible study in 2011, and the sparks flew instantly! They, along with a group of their friends, decided to go to Coeur d’ Alene lake for New Year’s Eve, to ring in 2012. John and Sara stole away for a moment alone by taking a walk on the icy pier – it was all Sara could do to not slip and fall in her heels! John, being the gentleman he is, offered his arm, and they walked and talked – arms linked – for the duration of 2011. Chivalry isn’t dead, after all! Soon thereafter, John worked up the courage to ask Sara to the Marine Corps Ball in January of 2012, and she gladly accepted. The Marine Corps Ball in Vegas, will go down in history as the beginning of Sara and John.

John was home for his pre-deployment leave in September, and was staying in a cabin on Deer Lake. Since he couldn’t be home for Christmas that year (if only in his dreams), Sara surprised him with a Summer Christmas! She decorated his cabin with Christmas lights, and decked the halls with boughs of holly, silver bells, a Christmas tree – the works! They were watching their favorite Christmas movie, White Christmas, and quite enjoying the antics of Danny Kaye and Bing Crosby, when the fire started dying down into embers. It being a cold night on the lake that it was, John – always the gentleman – went over to the fireplace, and got down on one knee to stoke the fire. Sara stood up from her seat and wandered over to him. John, on bended knee, looked up and asked her if she would like to have her Christmas stocking present now. Surprised, Sara reached into one of the two stockings hanging on the mantel. John quipped that she had selected the wrong stocking, so she reached into the latter, pulled out a box, and opened it to find none other than a giant shiny princess-cut rock! John said some very sweet things, popped the question, and she said yes!




August 15, 2013

Sierra & Bruce at Belle Victoria Garden, Deer Park

There are few people in this world with kindest heart and love. Sierra is one of them.  I have never seem such a beautiful person like Sierra. I am so lucky to know her and so lucky to be part of her event. Thank you Sierra for your kindness and amazing time we have together! Love for Bruce and you! Ifong

P.S. I have also up side down amazed by the MOST incredible cup cake made by:Megan Weirauch!!  Watch out the most incredible baker is coming to town!


Here is something from Sierra:

Truly blessed…that is how I feel after our beautiful wedding! The day was perfect and radiated with love and happiness. We cannot thank all of our wonderful family and friends who were able to celebrate with us as we made our vows to each other enough. We are also endlessly grateful for what I call the “Dream Team” of vendors who made each and every detail of our wedding beautiful and perfect. There really is no way for me to express just how thankful I am for everything that people put into making our big day unforgettable!

Bruce and I have been together for six and a half years since we met our senior year of High School. From the beginning we fell head over heals for each other and have been inseparable ever since. Through our ups and downs we grew closer and stronger as a couple. Because of this I know we can weather any storm that come our way.

As we look at the past and the chapter of life that is ending we cherish the amazing memories we have shared, and as we look towards the future and this new chapter in life we are excited for the amazing memories and endless love that we have yet to experience. I pray that God blesses our marriage and I can’t wait to see what He has planned for us!

Thank you everyone who helped create the wedding of our dreams!

With Love,
~Bruce and Sierra Campbell

Our “Dream Team”

The BEST most Talented Photographer: Ifong Chen
Our Breathtaking Venue and Unbeatable Wedding Stylists: Belle Victorian Gardens (Pam and Larry Terpstra)
Hair Extraordinaire: Dominic Powell
Flawless Makeup: Shasta Hankins
Whimsical Florists: Ester at Special Touch Florists, and The Spokane Produce Floral Department
Fabulous DJ: Darius Felice
Gorgeous Gowns: (Custom Wedding Dress by Marcella at Marcella’s Bridal) and Bridal Collections
Stunning Men’s Attire: Men’s Wearhouse (Vera Wang)
Delicious Catering: Reigel Crossroads Catering
Simply Sweet Cake and Cupcakes: Megan Weirauch
Elegant Bridal Party Hair: Staci Schmidt
Beautiful Background Cello Music: Amy Chase
Forever Supportive Family and Friends!

Sierra_B01 Sierra_B02 Sierra_B03 Sierra_B04 Sierra_B05 Sierra_B06 Sierra_B07 Sierra_B08 Sierra_B09 Sierra_B10 Sierra_B11 Sierra_B12 Sierra_B13 Sierra_B14 Sierra_B15 Sierra_B16 Sierra_B17 Sierra_B18 Sierra_B19 Sierra_B20 Sierra_B21 Sierra_B22 Sierra_B23 Sierra_B24 Sierra_B25 Sierra_B26 Sierra_B27 Sierra_B28 Sierra_B29 Sierra_B30 Sierra_B31 Sierra_B32 Sierra_B33 Sierra_B34 Sierra_B35 Sierra_B36 Sierra_B37 Sierra_B38 Sierra_B39 Sierra_B40 Sierra_B41 Sierra_B42 Sierra_B43 Sierra_B44 Sierra_B45 Sierra_B46 Sierra_B47


July 17, 2013

Marci & Keane at Bozarth Mansion, Spokane WA

A blitz. A blur. The tacos went fast. The beer and wine, consumed by all with mounting enthusiasm, made for great hydration against a backdrop of pinatas and sombreros. Mexico was represented, but so too were our friends and family–surely the most lively, best-dressed, rhythm-making crowd to ever beset the Bozarth. Ole!

Wedding goers warned us: time would fly. It did. We enjoyed the company of people from all corners of this great nation. The love and support was a wellspring for communal laughs, chance meetings and the re-ignition of old friendships. Despite our best attempts, we were not able to visit with everyone. Blame the tight schedule or the pace of events. If that’s the case, please know that we truly appreciate that you came, saw and celebrated our wedding with us.

Great events are the result of great staff. Details, details, details. Special thanks to all of our vendors, who went above and beyond making this a uniquely memorable experience. In no particular order:

Soiree Event Design – Wedding planning
Batch Bake Shop – Dessert
Tacos El Sol – Food
Complete Music – MC and music
Whimsy Floral – Bouquets
Clearwater Summit Group – Grasses for aisle & transportation of supplies
Sonnenberg’s Market and Deli – Food
Mariachis – Live entertainment
Event Rents – Equipment and place settings
Olive and Boone – Marci’s Fascinator (headpiece)
Nordstrom (Joe Morris – The “Guru”) – Keane’s and groomsmen’ attire
The Davenport Hotel & Tower – Lodging and guest transportation
Bill’s Friendly Rides – Guest transportation

In addition, our parents were instrumental in the planning and creative development process. This would not have been as colorful or as fun without you. To Tim and Elaine Sweet and Dean and Diane Sonnenberg–thank you and we love you!

KM_B01 KM_B02 KM_B03 KM_B04 KM_B05 KM_B06 KM_B07 KM_B08 KM_B09 KM_B10 KM_B11 KM_B12 KM_B13 KM_B14 KM_B15 KM_B16 KM_B17 KM_B18 KM_B19 KM_B20 KM_B21 KM_B22 KM_B23 KM_B24 KM_B25 KM_B26 KM_B27 KM_B28 KM_B29 KM_B30 KM_B31 KM_B32 KM_B33 KM_B34 KM_B35 KM_B36 KM_B37 KM_B38 KM_B39 KM_B40 KM_B41 KM_B42 KM_B43 KM_B44 KM_B46 KM_B47 KM_B48 KM_B49 KM_B50 KM_B51 KM_B52 KM_B53 KM_B54 KM_B55 KM_B56 KM_B57 KM_B58 KM_B59

June 18, 2013

Baby Jacob

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Jacob_B01 Jacob_B02 Jacob_B03 Jacob_B04 Jacob_B05

August 3, 2012

Hailey and Austin Wedding-Hayden ID

I am really falling in love with this wedding! I wish I could attend every weekend.  The families is so nice and welling, the location is so beautiful, the decorations were reflected many many creative thoughts, and Hailey and Austin were incredible. Here are some pictures that tells the day and let me know if you could feel the fun and hear the laughter!! P.S. The hand dipped cheese cake is to die for!!

Here some words from the bride:

Our wedding was more perfect than we ever could have dreamed! We were able to just relax, laugh, and enjoy the day. Such a blessing that the rain stop literally right before I walked down the asile!
Our wedding was completely and truly DIY, a year worths of planning, dreaming, crafting, antique finding… It wouldn’t have all happened without the wonderful help of our family and friends! So we didnt have many vendors….the venue was a meadow where Austin proposed so it meant alot to us, Friends helped make the food (my dad made the frozen cheesecakes), talented Toby (friend) coordinated and help stylize, my dress was storybook, flowers were made by family, cake was made by friends, tables from the attic, all decor was either made, found or from various antique and thirft stores, the bridal outfits I found pieces here and there. Hair was done by my sister, and my makeup was done by my bridesmaid Jacque.
We met in high school… But it was nothing more than small conversations here and there. Life took us separate ways (Hailey to Spain, Austin to Tulsa) Then after several years later out circle of friends crossed and we formed a deep connection and friendship. Austin sweetly and gently pursued me. After much time of pursuing we began dating… And now we are married! Our friendship formed a beautiful romance.

May 8, 2012

Spokane Wedding-Rhianna and Josh

It alway fascinated with how small the human connection will impact big in people’s life. I met Josh years ago in a wedding and asked Josh to help me out during the wedding. After that Josh became a photographer himself. Through years, I am impressed of his work and had a wonderful experience meeting his beautiful bride Rhianna last year. I was so honored to be a guest at Rhianna and Josh’s wedding. It is the most beautiful day of this spring and they are just wonderful. I got to play along with two other amazing photographers-Erica and Natalie. It was super fun to shot with them and here are few shots that I love. Rhianna is just gorgeous!! It is always heart warming to see two amazing people in love!! Make me just want to huge everyone.

May 1, 2012

Barrister Winery Inspiration Shoot

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This was the most fun shoot ever with some of the top people in the wedding industry! Thanks to Melissa from Apple Brides for bringing us together! Here is the Italian, rustic and gorgeous, wedding location hidden in an alleyway in downtown Spokane-Barrister Winery!

Planning and cordination

Apple Bride Blog



Design By Soiree

Ali Messer


Barrister Winery
Sharon Ray  sray5617@aol.com  (509) 723-8631
Greg Lipsker  office@barristerwinery.com  (509) 465-3591

Event Rents
Andrea Tichey
(509) 535-4030

Special Touch Florist
Esther Ryan

The Make-Up Studio
Julie Farley
(509) 455-7430

Strata Salon & Spa
Keilah Martin
(509) 327-1125

Event DesignCoordination
Soiree Event Design
Ali Messer & Jessica Manfredonia
(509) 688-9472

Marcella’s Bridal
(509) 466-5281

Vintage Vanity
Kelsee Webb

Veda Lux
Summer Hightower

Mango Ink
Ryan & Heidi
1 888.999.9085

Beacon Hill
Ellie Aaro
1 509.482.3556
Beacon hill used desserts from the following shops, Beacon:  chocolate brownie bites with truffle ganache, mini fruit tartlets,

mini coconut cupcakes, Sweet Frostings: macaroons, Europa: chocolate mousse tartlets, raspberry petit fours, éclairs

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