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August 3, 2012

Hailey and Austin Wedding-Hayden ID

I am really falling in love with this wedding! I wish I could attend every weekend.  The families is so nice and welling, the location is so beautiful, the decorations were reflected many many creative thoughts, and Hailey and Austin were incredible. Here are some pictures that tells the day and let me know if you could feel the fun and hear the laughter!! P.S. The hand dipped cheese cake is to die for!!

Here some words from the bride:

Our wedding was more perfect than we ever could have dreamed! We were able to just relax, laugh, and enjoy the day. Such a blessing that the rain stop literally right before I walked down the asile!
Our wedding was completely and truly DIY, a year worths of planning, dreaming, crafting, antique finding… It wouldn’t have all happened without the wonderful help of our family and friends! So we didnt have many vendors….the venue was a meadow where Austin proposed so it meant alot to us, Friends helped make the food (my dad made the frozen cheesecakes), talented Toby (friend) coordinated and help stylize, my dress was storybook, flowers were made by family, cake was made by friends, tables from the attic, all decor was either made, found or from various antique and thirft stores, the bridal outfits I found pieces here and there. Hair was done by my sister, and my makeup was done by my bridesmaid Jacque.
We met in high school… But it was nothing more than small conversations here and there. Life took us separate ways (Hailey to Spain, Austin to Tulsa) Then after several years later out circle of friends crossed and we formed a deep connection and friendship. Austin sweetly and gently pursued me. After much time of pursuing we began dating… And now we are married! Our friendship formed a beautiful romance.


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