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April 23, 2014

Haley & Ryan at Davenport Hotel

Wedding: Davenport Hotel

Catering: Davenport Hotel catering

Florist: Davenport flower shop

Make up: The Make up studio

Hair: Mike Meyers from Bliss salon


Haley-B01 Haley-B02 Haley-B03 Haley-B04 Haley-B05 Haley-B06 Haley-B07 Haley-B08 Haley-B09 Haley-B10 Haley-B11 Haley-B12 Haley-B13 Haley-B14 Haley-B15 Haley-B16 Haley-B17 Haley-B18 Haley-B19 Haley-B20 Haley-B21 Haley-B22 Haley-B23 Haley-B24 Haley-B25 Haley-B26 Haley-B27 Haley-B28 Haley-B29 Haley-B30 Haley-B31 Haley-B32 Haley-B33 Haley-B34 Haley-B35 Haley-B36 Haley-B37 Haley-B38 Haley-B39 Haley-B40 Haley-B41
Haley-B43 Haley-B44 Haley-B45 Haley-B46 Haley-B47 Haley-B48 Haley-B49 Haley-B50 Haley-B51

April 7, 2014

Hwa & David at Double tree Hotel

Wedding: Double Tree Hotel

Catering: Double Tree Hotel

Make up: Shasta Hankins

DJ: Complete music


Hwa_B01Hwa_B02Hwa_B03Hwa_B04Hwa_B05Hwa_B06Hwa_B07Hwa_B08Hwa_B09Hwa_B10Hwa_B11Hwa_B12Hwa_B13Hwa_B14Hwa_B17Hwa_B16Hwa_B15Hwa_B18Hwa_B19Hwa_B20Hwa_B21Hwa_B22Hwa_B23Hwa_B24Hwa_B25Hwa_B26Hwa_B27Hwa_B28Hwa_B39 Hwa_B38 Hwa_B37 Hwa_B36 Hwa_B35 Hwa_B34 Hwa_B33 Hwa_B32 Hwa_B31 Hwa_B30 Hwa_B29

March 27, 2014

Paula & Dan Vow Renewal-Oahu Hi

Paula_B01 Paula_B02 Paula_B03 Paula_B04 Paula_B05 Paula_B06 Paula_B07 Paula_B08 Paula_B09 Paula_B10 Paula_B11 Paula_B12 Paula_B13 Paula_B14 Paula_B15 Paula_B16 Paula_B17 Paula_B18 Paula_B19 Paula_B20 Paula_B21 Paula_B22 Paula_B23 Paula_B24 Paula_B25 Paula_B26 Paula_B27 Paula_B28 Paula_B29 Paula_B30 Paula_B31 Paula_B32 Paula_B33 Paula_B34 Paula_B35 Paula_B36 Paula_B37 Paula_B38 Paula_B39

March 14, 2014

Amanda & Eric Save date session

Just a quick session with Amanda & Eric for their save date card.  I was laughing hard with those super cute two and Eric should entertaining!!


Amanda_B01 Amanda_B02 Amanda_B03 Amanda_B04 Amanda_B05 Amanda_B06 Amanda_B07 Amanda_B08

March 11, 2014

Harper and Casey Engaged!

As soon as the crazy snow and rain stopped, I got to spend time with Harper and Casey, and they are just so delightful and crazy good-looking! So excited to be part of their big day! Here is the love story of those beautiful two!

Casey and I met at a mutual friend’s birthday party in 2005, shortly after graduating high school. We started dating very soon after and were together for 3 years. We then moved other directions. Casey was going to school in Missoula, MT and I was heading to graduate school across the state.

Two years later, in 2010, we both found ourselves back in Spokane and back in each other’s lives. We decided that we didn’t want to be without each other, so we happily resumed our relationship. Later that year, Casey deployed to Afghanistan for 9 months, serving in the military. Through skype, email and good ol’fashioned letter writing we kept our relationship strong. 

In the fall of 2012, I moved in with Casey where our family grew with the addition of a couple cats, a dog, and a small flock of chickens!  In 2013 Casey proposed in Manito Park, where his parents got married over 30 years ago. I happily accepted and we can’t wait to start our journey as a married couple!


Harper_B12 Harper_B11 Harper_B10 Harper_B09 Harper_B08 Harper_B07 Harper_B06 Harper_B05 Harper_B04 Harper_B03 Harper_B02 Harper_B01

Baby Milo

Photographed Emily & Jesse’s wedding back to 2008, and have always been one of my fevor couple.  Now got to see that life have bring them two cutest kids ever…makes me smile!

Milo_025 Milo_040
Milo_075 Milo_079 Milo_099 Milo_108

March 7, 2014

Charlotte & Erik Engaged!

Charlotte and I were tricked into dating by a mutual friend in the Fall of 2009. The friend told me that Charlotte had a crush on me, and told Charlotte that I had a crush on her. Knowing only that the other had exceptional taste, we each decided that one date couldn’t hurt. So we spent a little time together. Then we spent more time together. Then some more.

 I was managing a political campaign when I met Charlotte, and my job ended with the election soon after. Faced with moving back to my hometown to look for work, Charlotte took a big chance on me by inviting this unemployed guy six years her junior to move in with her.

 I repaid that faith by immediately enrolling in law school and becoming largely unavailable for the next three years. If you’re unfamiliar with the effect of law school on a relationship, a friend of mine analogized it to riding a tandem bike: your relationship is going to get where it was going anyway, just faster. Luckily for me, it only made our relationship stronger, as I grew to realize that I could depend on Charlotte when I needed her most.

With law school and the bar exam now behind us, it has been wonderful rediscovering our relationship. Just like when we first started dating, we have the opportunity to spend actual quality time together. And to our delight, we never get sick of each other; all we want to do is spend more time together. I look forward to doing just that for the rest of our lives.

charlo_B01 charlo_B02 charlo_B03 charlo_B04 charlo_B05 charlo_B06 charlo_B07 charlo_B08 charlo_B09 charlo_B10 charlo_B11 charlo_B12 charlo_B13

February 24, 2014

Brooklyn-Spokane Maternity Session

0T3A5993 0T3A63210T3A6129Brooklyn0T3A6376

When Steve and I found out that I was pregnant, it came with all sorts of emotion. Excitement, joy, fear, nervousness. I didn’t know if I was “ready,” if I would be a good mom. This pregnancy has been a journey and it’s been fun. At our first appointment I was nine weeks pregnant. That’s when it became real. The nurse practitioner brought her up on the ultrasound screen and we could see the child we created. There is no feeling like seeing this little human in it’s early form, knowing that you and the love of your life created her. The nurse practitioner wanted her to move for us so she nudged her with the probe. I remember saying, “Come on Baby, move for mommy.” This little baby started moving her lower half of her body, like she was shaking her hips. I’m not sure who said it, Steve, me, or both of us, but we said, “Oh! A little Tiny Dancer!” The name stuck and she will probably always be known as Tiny Dancer. We have about six weeks to go and we are becoming more and more excited to meet her. I’m sure the journey of parenthood will be the hardest one we will ever take, but also the most rewarding. We can’t wait to meet you Tiny Dancer!

February 18, 2014

Katie & Derek at Davenport Hotel, Spokane wedding

Wedding & Reception: Davenport Hotel

Catering: Davenport Hotel

Florist: Davenport Hotel

Hair: Jazz hair Salon

Make up: Shasta Hankins

D.J: Amp’d entertainment

Amazing uplighting & Smoke effect : Amp’d entertainment

Videographer: Grace Media

Cake: Groom’s family


Katie_B01 Katie_B02 Katie_B03 Katie_B04 Katie_B05 Katie_B06 Katie_B07 Katie_B08 Katie_B09 Katie_B10 Katie_B11 Katie_B12 Katie_B13 Katie_B14 Katie_B15 Katie_B16 Katie_B17 Katie_B18 Katie_B19 Katie_B20 Katie_B21 Katie_B22 Katie_B23 Katie_B24 Katie_B25 Katie_B26 Katie_B27 Katie_B28 Katie_B29 Katie_B30 Katie_B31 Katie_B32 Katie_B33 Katie_B34 Katie_B35 Katie_B36 Katie_B37 Katie_B38 Katie_B39 Katie_B40 Katie_B41 Katie_B42 Katie_B43 Katie_B44 Katie_B45 Katie_B46 Katie_B47 Katie_B48 Katie_B49 Katie_B50 Katie_B51 Katie_B52 Katie_B53 Katie_B54 Katie_B55 Katie_B56 Katie_B57 Katie_B58 Katie_B59 Katie_B60 Katie_B61 Katie_B62 Katie_B63 Katie_B64 Katie_B65 Katie_B66 Katie_B67 Katie_B68 Katie_B69 Katie_B70 Katie_B71 Katie_B72 Katie_B73 Katie_B74 Katie_B75 Katie_B76 Katie_B77 Katie_B78 Katie_B79 Katie_B80 Katie_B81 Katie_B82 Katie_B83 Katie_B84 Katie_B85 Katie_B86 Katie_B87

January 19, 2014

Wende & Mark Wedding

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Wedding: At bride and groom’s cozy home

Wedding planner: Cilia Hannig-Therens

Catering: Wilma Esteves Astudillo, Linda Gorden, all amazing Y girls

Flower: Cilia Hannig-Therens, Annie Murphy, Ifong Chen

Wedding Dress: Susan Renzini

WEdding Cake: Nikki Weikel

Make up: Shelley French LeMieux

Hair: Laura Vander Mey

First, I did not shot this wedding in the way I did in all my profession work. The bride Wende asked me to knock it off and quit being a wedding photographer! She made sure that I was drinking, eating, and having great time! So before you go through all the images from the wedding, understand that most of the time I was laughing my head off or with mouth fill full with food, and totally unprofessional.  Secondly, Wende was very unique, so it was very hard to get her to behave like a regular bride.

You know sometimes when you meet and get to know someone so incredible, and you just feel so amazed by that person. Wende, is like that. I have been working-out with Wende for three years. From a stranger to a friend to one of an awesome group women who workout together daliy and support each other–all because of Wende. She is sincere, compassionate, giving, trustworthy and strong. I am just honored to be there to cerebrated this heart warming event.  Thank you Wende, we LOVE you and thank you for being an inspiration every day of our lives. Cheers to the many many many happy days to come for you and Mark.

Wende_B01 Wende_B02 Wende_B03 Wende_B04 Wende_B05 Wende_B06 Wende_B07 Wende_B08 Wende_B09 Wende_B10 Wende_B11 Wende_B12 Wende_B13 Wende_B14 Wende_B15 Wende_B16 Wende_B17Wende_B18Wende_B19 Wende_B20 Wende_B21 Wende_B22 Wende_B23 Wende_B24 Wende_B25 Wende_B26 Wende_B27 Wende_B28 Wende_B29 Wende_B30 Wende_B31 Wende_B32 Wende_B33 Wende_B34 Wende_B35 Wende_B36 Wende_B37 Wende_B38 Wende_B39 Wende_B40 Wende_B41 Wende_B42 Wende_B43 Wende_B44 Wende_B45 Wende_B46 Wende_B47 Wende_B48 Wende_B49

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